Buddhist Traveler


by Toyo Teru 

I am a traveler of sorts. I have traveled through myself. I have traveled across many pages of books. I have traveled the endless sky as I lay on my back gazing upward at a perfect sky. I have traveled in the memories of yore. I have traveled with many of whom have shared their thoughts and ideas. I travel today, to thee, and away from thee, and back again. Here I will stay for a time only for a little while. Sometimes for an hour, and for minutes that pass away in time with Suchness. This is my center within. I look like a traveler, as my persona is exemplified by the presentation of the goodness bestowed as I am reached upon and as I reach to you. The many paths I have traveled scar the soles of my feet, my heart, and my Dharma.


What has been said through my speech is right. My thoughts are right and have been shared with other travelers, friends, and family. The truth in the right actions I have committed show signs of a travelers experience. I now have a travelers mind that has fullness, which I can now see things as they are with a clear consciousness. My effort is only to be seen as Right and can be also seen as a prerequisite for the other principles of a new path I may travel again. A Travelers right concentration is one-pointed-ness as my mind is trained on that windy narrow path. All of the experiences met, show that it has been earned and this makes the travelers’ livelihood a justified causation. The wind is ever at my back, pushing me forward, on and on. The view is amazing and vast. It is what it is. This right view is now enhanced through all capacities of a travelers mind. The volition of these travels has only been the right intentions every time. The intention of harmlessness and the intention of renunciation have been tested along the waypoints. I am a Buddhist, a Buddhist Traveler.


I can now cross this great world and be accepted amongst the peoples of all. I travel with my head upright with a huge blazing smile,  blazing as so does the sun at its meridian in the sky. Every new step traveled is rebirth a new. Every new rebirth purifies the land. I the traveler proceed forth and seeks a treasure as we enter the new beginning of seeker-hood. No sooner as there is rebirth, there is impermanence. We move through errantry with a rhythmic unsullied chime whence we came and to whence we travel. Will this travelers journey ever end? That is uncertain and to be found. Everything I have learned afield wherefore it may be is aught but Dukkha. It is only great, It is total awesomeness, like the glory of the day as the sun always rises in the East and whereat the rebirth of a new day, so stand ready a traveler willing, with no fear, with great eagerness, with surety, and with Love. May it be so and God Speed.


There is a journey that I have dreamt. It returns as it wills. It is in the same scene, I look the same, I am old, weathered and wise. I stand at the front of a longship. A one mast sail being pushed by the strong wind is behind me. I peer into the sea struggling to see through the thick fog. My men look at me with a look of trust and eagerness. Why not fear? Is it that they expect for me to alarm, there is land, or is there another ship. It feels as if we journeyed together before. Whilst this mark the end of the journey? The dream returns and is the same as before, but with little hints of new differences. Why the same dream? Why the same journey? What is this dream saying to me? Only now do I share this with you. Tell me, has this happened????


Toyo Teru is part of the Lay Minister program with the Bright Dawn Way of Oneness Sangha.  To learn more about Bright Dawn Way of Oneness please visit us here.


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